Monday, April 28, 2008

Today. Is. My. Birthday.

And yes, I pull the birthday card.

When it is my birthday, I make sure everyone knows. If I want something and I don't get it, I pull out the puppy dog eyes, and whine, "But whyyyyy notttt? It's my birthday!". And I did that today. I pulled that card so many times, I think my boyfriend lost count and possibly his mind.

So, after I took an awful final in Spanish, tried to forget that I had an awful cold *again*, got my eyebrows waxed for free *because it's my birthday* and proceeded to have a meltdown in the car because I had homework that I shouldn't have to do *because it's my birthday*, I read my Aunt Katydidnot's blog.

And then... I proceeded to bawl my eyes out. Big, fat, tears, with slow, choking sobs, because I can't share my seven layer cake with her, and damnit, *it's my birthday*.

But, I will be there on the ninth of May and I will make sure to pick up that piece of my heart that I left at the "You are now leaving California" sign on the way home in November.

Aunt Katie, you are my hero, and my role model, and my other mommy, and my big sister, and my best friend, and you too, have a hole in my soul, in which only you fit.

I love you.

*And it's my birthday*. (In case you forgot).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pesties are making me testy

I have officially decided that with twenty three credits, a full time job, moving, dealing with talk of a ring *Yes! Yes! Yes!! A ring!!!* (Try not to faint or vomit Aunt Katydidnot), and trying to keep my head on straight, really makes it impossible to blog on a regular basis. But since there are only three weeks left of the semester, I may be able to survive the remainder. 

Here is an update on my life: 

The bugs have taken over. Mice are no problem any more. Small worm like bugs have been ending up in my bed. Yes, my bed. Disgusting. So we tried to set off a bug bomb. Little did we know, this ends up killing many of the bugs but they just end up all over your house. I thought it might help to try to figure out what the bugs were so I could do a better job of getting rid of them. Bad decision. I now know that carpet beetles and their larvae are living in the ceiling above our bed. Um. That is disgusting. We have been living at my parents house for the past week until Mountain Pest Control comes to take care of the issue. Needless to say, these pesties are making me a little testy. 

Other than that, nothing much has changed. Soon, though, I will be free! free! free! of school, bugs, and my parents house! 

Maybe my next blog will just be the lyrics to Hallelujah!