Sunday, May 22, 2011

And we thought she was adjusting well...

We have a very bad dog. When we first moved up to our new house, Grace had a little bit of trouble adjusting to the new house. And she had a hard time adjusting to being in a giant kennel all day outside rather than being locked up in her crate inside. For some reason we thought this wouldn't be an issue. For the first few days that we left her outside in her giant kennel, she tried chewing the wood under the big wire walls and rubbed her nose raw on the wire. Then she started chewing on the wood door. We figured, like normal people, that she would not be able to do much legitimate damage on the door.

We were wrong. Like very very very wrong. We came home last Friday and were shocked when we saw a perfect Grace sized hole in the kennel door. Now, this would make sense if she had chewed a hole on the edge of the door. But no. Not my dog. She chewed a hole in the MIDDLE of the door, the perfect size for her to get through. I really wish we had a doggy cam in the kennel to see what she does all day.

And to think my mom and I were just talking about how she was really starting to adjust well to living on the ranch.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running in the boondocks

Oh hey there! I forgot I had a blog or something...

Running is my new favorite thing (well sort of, I hate it when I first start doing it)! I finally forced myself, and/or got pressured into, to sign up for a half marathon! It is one of the hardest half marathons in the state of Colorado. I would go and pick the hardest one as the one I sign up for first. I am up to four miles at a time right now, and since the half marathon is in September, that's a-okay with me.

Somedays I run after work towards town. Other times Adam will drop me off a few miles from home and I run home. This is the benefit of living out in the boonies. We have a 35 mile drive home, and most of it is a rural winding road, so I can just get dropped off four miles out and run home in solitude. It's really great and I am really seeing improvements already! I have some smaller races lined up this summer to keep me training which will be really fun.

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving our new home? We have no TV or internet or cell service at our new house, but it's AWESOME! I never want to live in civilization again! Haha, I'm sure I'll get sick of it at some point, and break down and sign up for TV. Or Adam will force me to. We really do love it though. We never want to go anywhere on the weekends unless it's too my grandparents or my parents house which are both within a quarter of a mile.

I went down to my grandparents house on Sunday and sat outside chatting with my grandma for about an hour and then the wind started blowing. We got chilly and went inside. I laid down on the couch, she covered me with a blanket and told me to take a nap. Can't argue with that, can ya?! Needless to say, all is right in my world.