Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Off

This was where I spent my extra day off thanks to bank holidays. I love where I live.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PrompTuesday: I am

So over at San Diego Momma, Deb does a writing prompt every Tuesday. Back in 2008, she did a prompt that was all about who you were and where you were from. It was called "I am from". I did it then, you can find it here. This year she's doing the same prompt but it's supposed to be about who you are NOW. My life has changed and transformed in the last two years, almost three I suppose, but life is better than I ever could have imagined, even with the heartbreak.

I am.

I am eternally stubborn with a flexible streak.
I am in love, loving, and loved.
I am heartbreak, blessing, gratitude, and humility.
I am a possibility of grace and intimacy.
I am a strong faith in God's plan for me.
I am a mother to two babies I haven't yet met.
I am passionate, compassionate, and impassioned.
I am a singer, an actress, and a forever friend.
I am understanding and judgemental and fierce.
I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, and a niece.
I am melodramatic and strong and wild.
I am who I always wanted to be.
I am my mommy and my daddy.
I am a possibility of good enough and old enough and smart enough.
I am a cowgirl, a punk, a nerd, and a loner.
I am country music and green tractors.
I am snowboards and snowmobiles.
I am everything and nothing.
I am affectionate and poignant and dull.
I am him and her, and them, and you and me.
I am too far and not quite far enough.
I am.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know, I'm lucky.

This will be mine on Tuesday.

I've waited four long years for this iphone you all speak of to come to my network. I have wondered and speculated along with the best of the techie bloggers. And finally my exclusive invitation was sent to my email inbox and it was finally time! So as we sit and watch the superbowl, I have been religiously checking the Fedex website to see if my shipment has moved from Memphis yet. I know, it's sick, but I'm so effing excited!!

Did I mention my amazing husband let me have his upgrade to get it? I know, I'm lucky.