Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's my aunt not my mom

Aunt Katydidnot is amazing, and definitely the best aunt ever.

It's my birthday today and I feel blessed to have her in my life, even though she is way too far away.

Go here. Everything you will ever want to know about me and who made me who I am. It's there. In her words.

Thanks Aunt Katie. I love you.

Oh and p.s. she's my aunt not my mom.

Friday, April 24, 2009

58 days before my wedding


I'm getting married in 78 days, and the best. aunt. ever. (aunt vin, you are also the best aunt ever) just bought me a ticket to see her in May. I fly out May 14th, which is approximately 58 days before my wedding and come home May 18th, 53 days before the big day. Who's counting? Really?

Not only this, but she is also planning me a bridal shower, with a bunch of women I have never met, and a few friends that I've known since I was barely walking, 20 years before the wedding. I think the women who I've never met will be the best part. For some reason I find it very intriguing to go to a bridal shower with a bunch of strangers. Maybe I'm the strange one.

This fizzy shower (probably literal) will go down on May 16th, 55 days before the big day.

So, as I count the days til my nuptials, I will also start a shorter shower countdown. 21 days til California and the best. aunt. ever (tied with aunt vin of course).