Friday, May 16, 2008

And suddenly, from the heavens...

I can hear it! Can you?

There is a heavenly choir of angels singing loudly from the clouds! 


I would put the rest of the lyrics, but I think that's it, just sung repeatedly. And, plus, if there is more, it really doesn't matter. 

My fricken brain is fried. Like an egg. Like an egg on a sidewalk in Vegas in the middle of July, at noon. 

I just finished my last final of the semester, and I'm pretty sure all I wrote was Blah Blah Blah. But that tactic has gotten me A's in the past. And really who cares about A's? Other than my first grade teacher during spelling tests. I JUST DONT CARE. 

*A long drawn sigh of relief* came from my chest as I pressed the submit for grade button. I'm not sure how I got through that semester, but it is finally over. THANK GOD. It seriously was an act from the heavens that I even survived. Let's all get down on our knees now. 

On the even brighter side, today was a good day in retrospect. Aunt Katydidnot arrived safely home from her four day business conference. After eternities days of trying so very hard to keep my patience with the kindergartner, she landed in California *insert another Hallelujah here*. 

Today, the kindergartner made me, the twenty two year old adult, cry. Yes, that's right, real tears. I just didn't understand why in the holy hell he kept telling me no! You would think after being dragged sent to his room three times, he would get his act together. But no, the kindergartner is a whole different breed. He is from the knockus lampius offus the tableus genus. He comes from the screamius tillus the lungus go dryus species. Seriously, you would never know this monkey child could possibly be the same person when he quietly comes out of his room and slides onto your lap and kisses your shoulder. It's really beyond me. 

Love & Logic? Yeah, no. I haven't mastered that art quite yet. Today it was more like Irate & Irrational.

Birth Control Much?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Five down, two to go...

Soon, soon, soon... five finals down, and two to go.

It dawned on me today that I spend my life looking forward to the next best thing.

Is that bad??

I'm not really sure... but today, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm in California visiting my Aunt Katydidnot and the little people, and today, my heart feels full.

The comfort I feel when I'm with my Aunt Katie is something I don't get with anyone else. It's like when you walk outside the morning after a night of rain and you can smell fresh worms on the sidewalk. It's like when you are driving in your car, after a bad day at work, and that one song comes on that makes your heart laugh. It's like a sour apple jolly rancher, and the stabbing in your cheeks happens, that hurts, but makes you smile. It's like that. It just feels right.

And, the little people and I read books before they went to bed. That was after I took the adolescent boy on a trip to Coldstone and Barnes & Noble, just the two of us. It was after I introduced the adolescent boy to cake batter ice cream and he quietly looked up at me with the spoon half way out of his mouth and said, "that's my new favorite". That was before I went to the grocery store with the adolescent boy and bought doughnuts for the little people in the morning, simply because their mother wouldn't normally let them.

It's the little things in my life that I seem to be in such a hurry to get past. I seem to be in such a rush, looking forward to the next thing in my life, that I'm missing the things that mean the most. It's the quiet conversation with Aunt Katie in the car on the way to the mall. It's the totally comfortable silence on the phone with my amazing boyfriend who I miss so much.

I realized today that, whatever I'm looking forward to, will come with time. I just have to open my heart to the moment I'm in right now.

But... one more thing I'm looking forward to.... my stimulus check that should be in the bank tomorrow! Thank you George Bush... (I never, ever though I would say that).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just another snowy day...

Frickety Frick!
My heart feels like a brick.
It's snowing again. 
Please tell me this snow will stop when?
Isn't it the first of May?? 
Shouldn't it be a beautiful day?
I guess we will live without the sun
And pretend like we are having fun.
A smile on my face, there is no more.
Into a million pieces, my heart is tore. 
Someone please, I need saving
All I'm doing is ranting and raving.
The ground is wet
The weather is set
There will be no summer
What a bummer.
This rhyme is lame
and so am I
So please don't read on
I'll just sit and cry.