Monday, July 20, 2009

Crowded Roller Coasters with No Safety Equipment

Apparently I forgot to mention, WE ARE MARRIED!!

But as important as that is, and as much fun as we had on the big day, this honeymoon stuff is so much more fun!! Eleven days in Mexico!!

We are in Puerto Vallarta and totally enjoying ourselves. We were here in January, and so we had already figured the city out a little bit. We ride the local bus everywhere. Except when we were coming back from Wal Mart because we had a bunch of groceries. These local buses are kind of like roller coaster rides. Crowded roller coasters with no safety equipment. Fun right?! It really is.

When we booked our honeymoon we had all these grand plans to go on excursions and adventures. And guess what? We have not done any of them. We have literally done nothing. Laying on the beach and going in the pool, and going into town for dinner pretty much consumes are days. I forgot to mention sleeping til noon. Yeah, tough life, I know.

We were sitting under our palapa yesterday, contemplating an adventure for today, and I suggested massages. Adam was unsure as he had never had one before. I called to set up an appointment at a local spa, and the price shocked me. I mean, it is Mexico and all, but really? $35 per person?? For 75 minutes?? That's a fricken steal! So we booked them and headed into town this morning. After coffee, a delicious breakfast, and wandering around a town a bit we found the massage place. I could tell Adam was nervous, but he played along. He enjoyed it too I think. It was getting hot after our massage so we headed back to the condo on the bus for a siesta.

The wedding was a success, rain and all; our honeymoon is perfect. Today, as we start our new life together, we could not be happier. That glow they talk about could be from the sunburns but I'm pretty sure it's coming from the inside. Our eyes are bright, our skin smells of sunscreen, and our bellies are full. La vida es buena en mexico!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear Facebook, You suck.

Dear Facebook,

You Suck.


Jessica Can'twaittobe(insertnewlastnamehere)

Today I went on to Facebook to change my name so my middle name said "cantwaittobe(insertnewlastnamehere)". Facebook, in a big red box, informed me that I was now blocked from changing my name for two weeks because one request had already been rejected.

Um, Facebook, my wedding is in TEN DAYS! That is four days shorter than two weeks. So, um, how in the holy hell am I supposed to change my current last name to my new last name when I get married??? Because everyone knows, that is one of the things you must do immediately after saying I Do!

I suppose, thanks to Facebook's lock out, I will have to not only wait two weeks, but also wait another week, until I get back from our honeymoon.

Thanks a lot Facebook. You suck.