Sunday, December 21, 2008

Even the worst circumstances, can't seem to curb it's appeal

"Let it be Christmas everywhere
Let heavenly music fill the air
Let every heart sing let every bell ring
The story of hope and joy and peace
And let it be Christmas everywhere
Let heavenly music fill the air
Let anger and fear and hate disappear
Let there be love that lasts through the year
And let it be Christmas
Christmas everywhere"

That song expresses exactly how I feel, after the weekend. (It's an Alan Jackson song, and even if you don't like him, you should check out that song.)

Although, there are a few things in my life that should turn me into a Scrooge, I just can't do it. Christmas is my favorite season, and even the worst circumstances, can't seem to curb it's appeal. My favorite people are not coming for Christmas, Adam's dad had a stroke on Wednesday and has been in the hospital since, and the economy simply sucks. But even still, with all that (and a lot of prayer), I want to jump in the snow and sing "Let it be Christmas everywhere!"

I feel grateful and happy and perfectly chipper, even with a headache. My body hurts from sledding and snowboarding, and still I feel happy. (Yeah I know, you are green with envy, but hey at least green is a christmas color.)

So, with that, if you are not feeling particularly chipper, go here.

Or this might cheer you up.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Like fuck all hard as rock hard

Well, can we say "I suck at blogging". Cuz I do. Seriously.

One month and four days ago, I blogged. Since then, nothin. Seriously, nothin.


I turned in my last final of my entire life, if I so choose! This comes one semester after the intended graduation date, and two years of online hell. Teaching yourself math for two semesters is hard. Like fuck all hard as rock hard.


I graduate on Saturday. Graduate from college graduate. Like bachelors degree, able to move into the real world, able to mark finished college as highest level of education, GRADUATE.

I left school half way through my junior year of college, to move home and take a job that I was sure would feed me well into my old age. Apparently it didn't occur to me how silly a woman with gray hair would look working in a skate shop. Anyway, I moved onto bigger and better things, and kept pluggin along on my bachelor's degree.

Well, the hard work paid off and somehow, by the grace of god, I FINISHED.

So, as I spend two hours as I listen to some man I don't know babble about the future, think of me! BECAUSE I'LL BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!