Friday, June 10, 2011

Running bites me in the knee.

Running totally bit me in the ass on Wednesday evening. Well maybe bit me in the knee and arm and hip.

I was out running with my dog at the reservoir near my house. The water is still low at the reservoir so it's a great place to run off of the asphalt. Out in one of the flat areas, there is a bent stake in the ground that is almost perfectly camoflaged, although I've seen it many times. I've even tripped over it a few times. I've always been walking when I've tripped on it before.

This time I was running, and running faster than my normal speed too. I tripped over the stake and fell so hard. I was holding the dog's remote to her collar (we use that instead of a leash) in one hand so I could only catch my fall with the other hand. I fell and rolled on to my left side and skidded across the gravely rocks. I'm so lucky I didn't knock my front teeth out on the rock that was very nearby.

It hurt so bad! I have bruises all over my body and road rash all over my hands. Awesome. Needless to say I still ran back home and cleaned up when I got there. I even still let my dog swim! I'm such a nice mom. :)

I'm off to Lake Powell this weekend. Can't wait to get out of here at 5pm! Have a great weekend everyone!

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